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Could it be Canada’s
most racist institution?

October 8, 2021

The bigotry of middle class white female Canadian journalists blocks black and indigenous employment

Female journalists celebrate their struggles
against “systemic racism” in Canada.


Of course the bigotry behind the media’s relentlessly anti-white, anti-Western agenda is all too obvious. Not quite so blatant, however, is the implied belief in genetic inferiority that reporters betray in their condescension to some ethnic groups. But the least-recognized aspect of journalistic racism becomes clear on meeting enough newspaper journalists themselves. They’re almost all white.

According to journalistic logic, that could only mean “systemic racism.”

That’s the standard explanation for racial differences in other employment categories. Just one recent story reported that 95% of Conservative MPs are white, supposedly a searing indictment of the media’s least-favourite left-wing federal party.

We hear similar allegations about all the professions, all important institutions and every line of work that pays at least reasonably well and proffers a degree of social status. Every line of work, it seems, but journalism. Could its practitioners be hurling stones from glass-walled newsrooms?

Outside of the ethnic press, Canadian newspapers could hardly be more white, as indicated by the reporters’ photos appended to their news stories. People who watch TV might notice a higher complement of non-whites, including almost all of Canada’s black journalists, few as they are. But TV journalism is a form of infotainment in which the “journalists” are actors. Off-camera directors not only script the anchorpeople, but often tell the reporters what to ask in an interview and what to say in a commentary.

Where nonwhites exist in print and online media, they’re mostly of East Indian and southeast Asian origin. Not unusually, they produce some of Canada’s least-disgraceful journalism. They also represent generally high-achieving ethnic groups.

But what about those other non-whites, the objects of so much white liberal pity—blacks and natives? They’re all but absent.


…. There’s simply no reason to deny that a great many people from Jane-Finch or Kahnawake couldn’t produce Canadian journalism as well—or as badly—as the average Canadian journalist. Just about anybody could.


….If you have the misfortune to experience their milieu, you’ll witness striking similarities from one newsroom to another, even in different cities. Reporters’ behaviour reinforces the impression given by their work: They function on the intellectual and emotional level of spoiled teenage girls.

Spoiled white teenage girls, that is. This is no place for blacks or natives….

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